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Who is In4 Group?

In4Group, is a South African based level 1 BBBEE accredited; BWO, technology focused client enablement company, was created with a simple vision of making technology affordable. Our approach is to understand a client’s business goals, identify specific problems and offer targeted solutions by amalgamating products and services designed specifically to address the clients challenges. Upholding the reputation of being an agile and innovative technology player, we strive to avoid restricting ourselves to the realm of the ordinary by leveraging futuristic technologies to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Our rich management experience of over 50 years, transcending both national and international borders, has allowed the team to deliver unparalleled results using our proven approach towards business challenges. We offer target-driven technology solutions in the areas of Technology Advisory, Application Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture Modelling, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Business Intelligence with Mobile Convergence, Enterprise Security Management, and Program and Project Management.


To be an agile and innovative thought leader in Technology


Our vision is to make technology affordable and accessible


Applying disruptive technologies to transform and realise the true value of your business

What Our Brand Means
to Our Clients

Bringing you state-of-the-art solutions; to meet your current and evolving business problems. Our innovative offerings span from Strategic Consulting around Process and Technology to Implementing cutting edge Technology Solutions. Our innovative approach towards solving your business challenges enables you to become more agile and customer centric. This is the most evolving segment of our business that changes with the emerging technology trends and always keeps ahead of the curve. Our offerings within this model are Strategic Consulting, BPM, Enterprise Architecture, Programme & Project Management, IoT and Industry 4.0 Consulting

Empowering efficient and effective business decisions based on reliable and integrated business intelligence. Addressing solutions for Cloud Computing, On Demand Models and Mobile Applications. We at In4Group understand your need to merge all kinds of Enterprise data in real time to provide key insight to your organization and your customer. Our strategies and approach toward Real Time Big Data & Analytics offers our clients the required speed to the market.

Transforming and modernizing your infrastructure; while helping you reduce your Carbon footprint and making you a responsible corporate citizen. Reliable Infrastructure is the Backbone of any organizations IT Strategy and hence; is also a high Opex and Capex spent area that consumes close to 60% of your IT Budget. Every cent saved in this space can directly contribute to your organizations bottom line and make a huge impact to your overall budget. Hence smart management of Infrastructure is a key focus for any forward thinking IT Organization. In4Group’s Infrastructure Services offers exactly this – Reliable Services at Affordable Cost’s. Our proactive approach towards Service Management and our flexible models offer you the ease of enjoying world class services in an On Demand model.

Driving a single business centric view for your enterprise architecture while transforming and enabling your IT Assets to become a true business enabler. Today’s Enterprises are complex and have many applications working in silos; enabling day-to-day operations. Competitive business environments; single and integrated view of organisations have become a non-negotiable requirement. An integrated application landscape that enables business to have a 360 view of customers, operations and finances has become the difference between normal business and high performance organisations. In4Group’s Integration services are geared towards offering you a complete value chain of services and products that assists you in achieving an integrated and service oriented view of your technology landscape.

Our Values


We do business with integrity, commitment and an unwavering effort to maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry.


We believe in looking at a problem from multiple perspectives and it often yields a simple, yet highly effective, solution.


We are known to walk that extra mile with a “Can Do” attitude to ensure optimal implementation of effective solutions.


We empower our professionals by giving them the technological backbone they need to add value at every stage.

Learn About Our Partners
And Alliances

We exist because of our partners and we put them ahead us. Our alliance programme is built on a layered approach which comprises of four layers:


In4Group aligns its offerings to only a few selected industry leaders when it comes to enterprise offerings and has drafted very strategic partnerships with targeted solution vendors in line with our offerings.


To ensure the right partner for the right job, we have teamed up with niche and strategic implementation partners. These partnerships allow us to engage with international domain experts who can add significant value.


In4Group has entered into flexible sourcing partnerships with few quality offshore players. This allows us to not only drive down total cost of implementation but to also reap the benefits of local presence and knowledge.

Analyst Relations

It's important to have alliances that allow us to remain relevant in the extremely competitive world of technology. We have partnered with leading local and international firms to help us stay ahead of the curve.