Empowering efficient and effective business decisions based on reliable and integrated business intelligence.

We currently are traversing the age of information exposition; where separation of Information from Data; and Extraction of reliable Intelligence from Information has become a top priority for CIO and CXO’s around the globe. Advent of Cloud Computing, On Demand Models and Mobile Applications has added a further dimension to Enterprise Intelligence Challenge. On one hand organizations have legacy systems that are closed and lock the most critical Enterprise Data; while on the other hand organizations have strategies around mobile computing, social media analysis and Cloud Adaption. The customer has never been more informed and is demanding more from the organizations. This paradigm has put enterprises globally in a very difficult situation.

We at In4Group understand your need to merge all kinds of Enterprise data in real time to provide key insight to your organization and your customer. Our strategies and approach toward Real Time Big Data; offers the required speed to the market that you have been in the lookout for; without you needing to reinvent your core infrastructure.

Talk to us about your data and reporting needs and find out how easy it is to have intelligence on demand.