DR in a Box
Strengthening your weakest link and delivering business continuity @ the speed of your business

Gartner estimates that two out of five businesses that experience disaster will go out of business in five years.
“Enterprises can improve those odds – but only if they take necessary measures before and after the disaster” – Source Gartner Inc.

The key to the successful recovery of your business will be determined by how prepared you are today. The fact is, too many companies don’t protect their data. They may say it’s too complicated or too expensive. And they let it slide…hoping that at the end of the day, they still have the data with which they started.

Even if they back up their data, a lot of companies find getting it back can be problematic: fewer than one-third of companies with a disaster recovery plan have ever bothered testing it to make sure it still works.

What would happen if one day all your business data was gone? Unforeseeable events such as fires, hardware failures or theft happen every day to businesses. The key to a successful recovery will be determined by how prepared you are today.

In4Group’s Disaster Recovery (DR) in a Box makes disaster planning, recovery and backing up of your valuable business data easy. Different from a standard file backup, the Disaster Recovery Solution maintains a mirror image of your entire computer/server, including the operating system installed applications and connected data.

Standard file backups can take days to rebuild and could be incomplete, but with an image backup the recovery takes only hours and is 100% complete.

Our DR in a Box leverages on cutting edge Platespin Protect technology from NetIQ; hosted on scalable; state-of-the-art infrastructure from Atrust and powered by The Cloud Company.

DR in a Box is an affordable solution to all your Disaster Management Needs; Out-of-the-box disaster recovery hardware appliance that protects both physical and virtual server workloads using embedded virtualization technology

The solution is a combination of a best of breed Log Management solution called Sentinel and a Disaster Recovery solution called PlateSpin Protect. The solution is packaged on a robust hardware platform and comes standard with 36 GB of Memory, Dual Quad Core Intel Processers and 10 TB of Storage. All of this packaged into a 12U powder coated floor standing rack; with built in UPS and battery pack. Ready to be plugged into to your IT environment to solve all your Disaster Recover issues.

Value Proposition:

In4Group’s DR in a Box is specifically designed to protect your critical applications and data from the downtime caused by either a natural or man-made disaster in an affordable manner:

  • Protect your critical applications and data from the downtime caused by either a natural or man-made disaster
  • Achieve close to real time recovery objectives across both physical and virtual platforms
  • Enjoy reliable Sandbox Test environment to test your DR strategies to ensure you meet your business objectives
  • Enjoy easy restore from DR to production once production issues are resolved
  • Enjoy the benefits of quick implementation of a reliable DR solution to resolve all your Business Continuity issues
  • Provides a quick solution to your Security Monitoring requirements
  • Makes you compliant as per Audit requirements

DR in a Box solution is available on an on-premise or DR as a Service model. We are able to provide flexible financing options to help you manage your capital expenditures.