Biometric Solutions
BioExpert: A Biometric Multi Factor Authentication Solutions

BioExpert is a robust in house developed biometric Enrolment, Identification and Verification platform. This platform provides client's with secure registration, positive identification and easy verification capabilities that can be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

Our in-house developed Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) enables efficient and effective One to One (1-1) and One to Many (1-m) identification with ready integration capabilities into the Home Affairs Finger Print Database and SAPS Criminal Records Database; for positive identification & Background verification.

Our multi-tire architecture and web services based open integration standards lends itself for easy integration into line of business systems and makes our product highly scalable for distributed operations.

Tight integration with 3M ID and Document scanner with ability to read and authenticate multiple document types quickly, easily and accurately. Supporting ICAO-compliant and non-compliant travel documents

Key Features
  • Robust 3-tier architecture ensuring quick scalability
  • In-house developed algorithm for Finger Print Recognition, Retina Recognition and Facial Recognition that is NIST compliant
  • Workflow based screen rendering, which ensures automation and integration to any client process
  • Competency to enable one-to-one biometric matching or one-to-many biometric matching with amazing accuracy and record retrieval time
  • Strong emphasis on information and data security
  • Ready integration to SAPS and Home Affairs biometric database
  • Passport and ID verification integrated with Biometric capture and verification
  • Ability to scan and upload documents as part of workflow
  • South African IP
This solution can be implemented in many business scenarios. Few examples are:
  • In banking and retail sectors for Positive Customer registration, verification and identification at branch or store level
  • As a secure login for banks replacing old PIN-based login
  • As Fraud Identification systems leveraging on combination of document validation and biometric verification technologies
  • Utilised for positive identification of customers thus preventing identity theft and providing Customer Centric service delivery for High Value Customers
  • Utilized as a FICA / RICA platform with real time integration to credit bureaus thereby saving processing costs for administration related activities
  • Used as ID Verification and Criminal Background Verification platforms with real time integration to SAPS and DHA
  • Used as a biometric capture platform across many sectors
  • Used as a time and attendance platform
  • This platform can be integrated with leading Identify and Access Management platforms for biometric based privilege and access management